Based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel
Score by Jeanine Tesori
Book and Lyrics by Lisa Kron

Join us for “A Evening with Alison Bechdel”
Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pre-Performance Event begins at 6PM
Music Center Annex
Rehearsal Room C
601 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Performance begins at 8PM
Ahmanson Theatre
135 N. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Your ticket price includes that evening’s performance and a pre-performance event with Alison Bechdel,
the author of FUN HOME. With every ticket purchased to FUN HOME the Los Angeles PFLAG Chapter
will receive 10% of all tickets sold for this event.

Every once in a while a Broadway musical comes along that surprises, moves, and excites
audiences in ways only a truly landmark musical can. The “groundbreaking,” “exquisite,” and
“unforgettable” new musical Fun Home was the event of the Broadway season, receiving raves from
critics and audiences alike, winning five 2015 Tony Awards ® including Best Musical and making history
along the way. Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home introduces us to Alison
at three different ages as she explores and unravels the many mysteries of her childhood. A refreshingly
honest musical about seeing your parents through grown-up eyes, “Fun Home is extraordinary, a rare
beauty that pumps fresh air into Broadway” (The New York Times).

Events From the SGV LGBTQ Center

Hello everyone! I’m here to pass on, some events from the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center.

If you are looking to lend a hand in our efforts, we are hosting our second Volunteer Training on Saturday, Nov. 19 from 10am – Noon at The Center.

Upcoing Center Events:

  • PRIDETalk: Investing 101 | Tuesday, November 15 | 7-9pm
  • Pride Pop Up: SpeedZone | Wednesday, November 16 | 6:30 – 9pm | SpeedZone Irwindale
  • Rainbow Connections LGBTQ Youth Group | Saturday, November 19 | 4-6pm | @The Center
  • Volunteer Training | Saturday, November 19 | 10am – 12pm | @The Center
  • Transgender Day of Rememberance | Sunday, November 20 | 7-9pm | @The Center
  • SGV LGBTQ Center Thanksgiving Meal | Thursday, November 24 3-5pm | @ The Center

The link below has more info and links to RSVP.

Most of those events are at the SGV LGBTQ Center 2607 S. Santa Anita Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006

The SpeedZone event is at 17871 Castleton Street, City of Industry, CA 91748. You may have seen it off the 60 near the Puente Hills mall.

More events, RSVP, and info at this link and is their website.

Phrases and Terms Info

Accidental transphobic phrases

-Check your cis gendered privilege at the door. Let’s learn to be respectful of all people.

This information offers a chance for us to get a little more inclusive and intentional with what we say. It’s an opportunity that, for allies, is as essential as it is complicated.

We should be critical of language which is used.  By using ‘judging words’ without taking intent into account we isolate and offend others.  Here are some suggestions to fix common issues.

  1. Using the phrase “preferred pronoun.”

Using “preferred” to qualify someone’s pronouns suggests that terms they are claiming don’t really belong to them — they are just preferred over their “true” pronouns.  In reality, a transman using “he” as a pronoun doesn’t just prefer that word over “she” — that is the only pronoun that is acceptable to use in reference to him.  Keep in mind that for many trans people, being correctly pronouned is an incredibly important part of feeling safe and respected in a space.

The fix: Instead of asking someone’s preferred pronouns, ask, “What pronouns do you use?” Or, ask if they use pronouns. It’s a small yet substantial difference.

2. Saying someone was “born a boy/girl.”

No matter how old a transgender person is when they come out, it’s important to acknowledge they may feel their gender has always been the same one they are just now publicly claiming. One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman for instance.  Nobody is truly born a boy or a girl; rather, we evolve to truly claim gender markers as our own.  Saying someone was born a boy or girl suggests they were inherently one gender, but chose to be another.  We are all assigned a gender at birth, and become the people we are irrespective of that assignment.

The fix: Use the phrase “assigned male/female at birth” instead. This phrasing respects the true gender of a trans person while simultaneously pointing out flaws in how we assign gender in society.

  1. Using “he or she” as a catch-all.

When attempting to be inclusive of all people, we often use the term “he or she.” But when trying to be inclusive of all people under the transgender umbrella, it’s important to remember that binary pronouns don’t fit all genders and excludes people not with those gender identities.  Non-binary and genderqueer individuals sometimes use pronouns like they/them and ze/hir.

The fix: The limitations of our language make it challenging to correct this problem. Intentionally using “they” as a term to deliberately be inclusive to all genders works well. Or, just rework the sentence using the person’s name. It’s worth the trouble.

  1. Using the term “self-identified” to qualify a trans person’s gender.

Qualifying gender with the term “self-identified” may inadvertently suggest that a trans person’s identity isn’t actually valid.  It’s not ok to say ‘a self-identified man’ for a trans man because that would imply they were only a man to themselves, not others. Think of how silly it would sound to call a non-trans man a “self-identified man,” since no qualifier is needed. Trans people deserve the same consideration of having their gender respected.

The fix: Just drop the “self-identified” part.

  1. Saying someone is “female-bodied” or “male-bodied.”

Well-meaning allies will use the terms “female-bodied” or “male-bodied” while trying to be inclusive of trans people, which can be a problem. When someone uses the term “female-bodied,” for instance, they are trying to address non-trans women and trans men. But the way they’re using language to gender body parts actually suggests a trans man’s body isn’t truly that of a man.  It’s important to remember that a trans person’s body, no matter their transition or surgery status, is the body of their gender.

The fix: Just say what you mean. For example, if you want to specifically address non-trans women, just say “non-trans women.”

Common Terms used in PFLAG

In Re: Sexual Orientation



Bisexual (Bi)

Pansexual (Pan)

In Re: Gender Identity

Cis Gender

Transgender/ FTM / MTF



Other Terms

Coming Out



PFLAG Español actualización de noviembre

GD ESP EmailHeader 2016


Satélites Locales En Español

En Español en Boyle Heights
Segundo miércoles, 9 de noviembre – 7:00pm

En Español en East Los Angeles
Tercer jueves, 17 de noviembre – 7:00pm

En Español en el Valle de San Fernando
Cuarto viernes, 25 de noviembre – 7:00pm

New! Gender Focus Satellite
Thursday, November 10 – 7:30pm

Wednesday, November 16 – 7:30pm

New! South LA Satellite
more info below


Reuñion Satélite

En Español
Segundo miércoles, 9 de noviembre – 7:00pm
Tercer jueves, 17 ­de noviembre – 7:00pm
Cuarto viernes, 25 ­de noviembre – 7:00pm

Para mas informes llamen al 1-888-735-2488 #2 o visiten nuestra página:

Utilice nuestra página de facebook para mantenerse en contacto con nosotros y saber más de las nuestra comunidad.

Esperamos verles!
Elvira, Gizella y Rudy / Directores
Reuniones PFLAG Español Southern California Satélite

PFLAG Español Southern California
Los satélites se encuentran:

En Boyle Heights
Segundo miércoles – 7:00pm

Mi Centro
553 S. Clarence Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Para mas informes:
o 818-438-6109


En East Los Angeles
Tercer jueves – 7:00pm

Bienestar East LA
5326 East Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, 90022
Para mas informes:
o 818-438-6109


En el Valle de San Fernando
Cuarto viernes – 7:00pm

Bienestar Valle de San Fernando
8134 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 200
Panorama City, CA 91402
Parqueamiento y entrada detrás del edificio
Para mas informes:
o 818-438-6109

Hagase Miembro, Renueva su Membresia,
o ContribuyaApoye el mensaje de
PFLAG Los Angeles y sus grupos satélites!

Tenemos un Nuevo Proveedor de Correo Electrónico.

Disculpe mientras probamos un nuevo servicio de correo electrónico.
Quizás recibirá mas de una noticia de PFLAG Los Angeles
en los siguientes meses, pero es pasajero.

Los grupos de PFLAG en Español del Sur de California son grupos satélites de PFLAG Los Ángeles y forman parte del conjunto de organizaciones de PFLAG del Sur de California.PFLAG, Madres, Padres, Familiares, y Amigos/as Aliad@s con la Comunida LGBTQ es un grupo voluntariomanejado por parientes, familiares, personas LGBTQ* y sus amigos/as.

Nick Suell-1 NEWER 2

Wednesday, Nov. 16 , 7:30 pm

Moving Beyond Your Label

— Entrepreneur Nick Suell talks about finding your true voice through exponential thinking

LGBTQ people know all about labels. They get stuck with them all the time. The gay man who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro is still asked for fashion advice. The lesbian lawyer has to field questions about motorcycles. Fairy, queen, dyke . . . the disparaging words seem endless, even though the community has taken some of them over and repurposed them.

Nick Suell is here to tell you that you don’t have to let your label define you. You can be your authentic self and make an impact on the world. He’ll also help you get in touch with the unconscious limits you have put on yourself and enabling you to think beyond your current paradigms to find new solutions.

Seull has had a multifaceted career, having managed recording artists, songwriters and touring musicians. He is now transitioning from the entertainment industry to “focus on solving grand challenges and doing what I call ‘ridiculous good.” His goal is to develop a local ecosystem of exponential thinking entrepreneurs and change agents.

What is possible for you? Come and find out how to get out of the box and release your inner innovator.

PFLAG Los Angeles meets in Westwood
3rd Wednesday every month – 7:30 p.m.
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd , Los Angeles 90024
Plenty of Free Parking!
(Northeast Corner of Wilshire
and Warner, 3rd Floor)




November 10, 7:30 pm

Welcome to PFLAG Gender Focus! Since June we’ve officially been PFLAG Gender Focus! This is an exciting time for us and we’d love to answer any questions you might have about this process. More than anything, you are ALL still very welcome at our meetings and that will not change. Whether you or a loved one is on a gender journey or an orientation journey (or both), the emotional support you have to offer each other will always be valued and necessary to bridge the unfortunate isolation that society throws at our community.

We will be meet as usual at the MCC in the Rosa Parks Room from 7:30pm-9pm. The MCC has a main church as well as some small structures on the property. The Rosa Parks Room can be accessed by entering the gate left of the main church off of Prospect Ave. There will be green signs guiding you toward the room.

For more information about this meeting or to RSVP that you will be attending (not required), go to the meetings event page or send an email to
Snacks will be provided.

Volunteers Welcome!

As we make this transition, we could really use some extra hands at the meetings to help set up and greet newcomers. Volunteering is a great way to become part of the PFLAG family and to give back to an organization that changes so many lives. If you can commit to attending at least 6 meetings a year, please message me!

Time: 2nd Thursday of every month
7:30 p.m., (doors open at 7:15 p.m)

Place: The Metropolitan Community Church
4607 Prospect Avenue, Los Angeles, 90027
Rosa Parks Room

Directions: East of Vermont Avenue and North of Hollywood Blvd after it curves. Enter through the gate beside the main church on Prospect Avenue. Signs will be posted indicating the direction to the Rosa Parks Room.

Parking: Parking is limited on the surrounding streets so leave extra time to find a parking. The Dresden Restaurant, 1760 North Vermont Avenue, offers a flat fee of $3

Thank you and see you then!

Lucy Benji Terrell / Leader
PFLAG Gender Focus Satellite
FacebookMeeting InfoTwitter

PFLAG Gender Focus
2nd Thursday every month – 7:30 p.m.
Metropolitan Community Church
4607 Prospect Avenue, Los Angeles, 90027
Rosa Parks Room
(Northwest Corner of Prospect Avenue
and Rodney Drive)

SLAlogo 2015 LR



Effective immediately, PFLAG Los Angeles will be suspending the South Los Angeles Meeting. Beginning in August the meeting will be closed as we transition to new leadership. We will make every effort to contact regular participants in this group and encourage them to attend other PFLAG meetings in the interim.

As an all-volunteer organization, we depend on the efforts of committed PFLAG members. Changes in their circumstances heavily impact the services we can provide.

Negotiations are underway with a LGBTQ affirming faith congregation in South Los Angeles, whose leaders have expressed an interest in starting a PFLAG meeting. Check our website and monthly emails for reports of progress on this partnership.

Send an email to if you’d like to speak with someone from the South Los Angeles area.